Skincare Bear

Skincare Bear

Kaiketsu Shirokuma-kun™


Why bear?

Skincare Bear is here to help you!

In Japanese, both dark under-eye circles and bears are called “kuma.” Shirokuma-kun, or “Mr. Skincare Bear,” can help you lighten up those dark spots and get rid of unsightly circles.


Shirokuma-kun is available in two convenient packaging options.

Standard Package
Slim Convenience Store Package
Two sheets per set

Directions: amazingly simple!!


Remove Shirokuma-kun sheets from the backing paper and apply them under your eyes.

You may use scissors to cut them smaller to match the size and shape of your eyes.

Shirokuma-kun sheets are reusable as long as the adhesive remains effective.

Just putthem on...
and see the difference!

Secret of Shirokuma-kun

Shirokuma-kun is made of i-PONT, a unique material developed in cooperation with du Pont. i-PONT is an ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) which emits far-infrared rays and stimulates blood circulation in the area to which it is applied. Applying Shirokuma-kun under your eyes while sleeping prevents the appearance of dark circles the next morning. Continuous use of Shirokuma-kun reduces the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. Thanks to the unique characteristics of i-PONT, the effects of Shirokuma-kun’s far-infrared rays are visible faster and last longer compared to conventional far-infrared products.

Skincare Bear
Materials Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) with antibacterial and antifungal processing.
(per sheet)
Approximately 5 cm X 2 cm

Enjoy Shirokuma-kun

Skincare White Bear is here to help you!

The primary marketing target for Kaiketsu Shirokuma-kun™ in Japan is working women in their late 20s to 30s who are busy with their careers and private lives. However, all generations concerned with the condition of their skin can enjoy the effects of Shirokuma-kun. Young college-age women are also potential customers, since they tend to stay up late at night with their studies.

Shirokuma-kun on Japanese TVCM!




We offer the following products for international distributions.

Standard package All text in Japanese.
Slim package All text in Japanese.
Raw material Two sheets per set (one for the right eye and one for the left)
Standard Package
Slim Package for Convenience Stores
Two per set

Standard Package Slim Convenience
Store Package
Raw material
(H:18 cm X W:16.5 cm) (H:16.5 cm X W:7 cm) (H:2 cm X W:5 cm)
Retail price in Japan: JPY500 Retail price in Japan: JPY500 Two sheets per set


For more information, please contact Kaz Kobayashi, Global Unit

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